Lava diversion: Can it work? Should it be considered?

Editor’s note: Since the June 27 lava flow began nearing Pahoa, the Tribune-Herald has been flooded with calls and letters from readers asking a simple question: What can be done, if anything, to divert the lava? Because of our readers’ intense interest in this subject, we’ve elected to publish this editorial on A1. Readers are encouraged to provide feedback at .

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New business helps people heal and reach fitness goals

Roughly 14 years ago, Kona resident Donna St. John was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, a neurodegenerative brain disorder that affects one’s movements, body and emotions. At first, she refused to believe it. For a long time, she found ways to ignore symptoms and cope. She did so until she could no longer conceal it.

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Protection sought for scenic California region

WASHINGTON — A contingent of California environmental groups, business representatives and politicians are using a visit Friday from Interior Secretary Sally Jewell to push for permanent protection of some 350,000 acres of picturesque federal land near the state’s famous wine country.



2 plays have reason to crow

NEW YORK (AP) — Two star-driven Broadway plays this week got early Christmas presents when they announced they’d recouped their respective investments.




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