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Panaewa Alii football sign-ups Panaewa Alii Football Association is accepting tackle registrations for the upcoming season. Divisions of play are Mitey-Mite (ages 7-9, weighing 45-90 pounds), Peewee (9-11, 75-120 or 12, 75-100) and Midgets (12-14,...



Human Matters: One credo crucial to a well-lived life: Pay attention

Sooner or later in long-term therapy, most adult patients will drift — or dive — toward their family history. They begin to take a more comprehensive, more honest and accurate inventory of realities they faced as children. The strength and weaknesses, health and unhealth, justice and injustice of the families in which they were reared. Because all families have some combination of all of those things.

10 ideas for eating zucchini

Zucchini bread is fine and all, but when you’re staring down a mountain of summer abundance, how much of it can you really eat?

Let’s Talk Food: A Foodie in Oregon

From the Portland, Ore., airport, a short walk to the Tri-Met MAX rail depot is a great way to see the town. The tickets can be purchased from the vending machine and are only $2 for senior citizens for an all-day pass. No one checks if you purchased a ticket because it’s on an honor system, but most folks are pretty honest and buy tickets.


Rotary Club of Hilo continues tradition

Today, as they have once a year since 1971, the members of The Rotary Club of Hiroshima-South are enjoying a big bunch of bright anthuriums from the Big Island on the anniversary of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima in 1945.


Actor, role paired for quarter-century

LOS ANGELES — British actor David Suchet has spent a quarter-century bringing to life a certain fussy Belgian sleuth with a mustache as impeccable as his intellect and crime-solving skills.


Crunch time on Iran nuke talks

Since the minute he set foot in the White House, President Obama has pursued one foreign policy objective with uncharacteristic clarity and focus: avoiding war with Iran. Whatever the merits of the goal, the approach has actually been a narrow success.

Another heartbreak for Middle East

It’s not hard to understand why Israel under Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu decided to invade Gaza: The Israelis have a right to protect themselves from terrorists who launch rockets into populated areas of the country or invade through underground tunnels.

California catastrophe never came

The states, Justice Louis Brandeis famously pointed out, are the laboratories of democracy. And it’s still true. For example, one reason we knew or should have known that Obamacare was workable was the post-2006 success of Romneycare in Massachusetts. More recently, Kansas went all-in on supply-side economics, slashing taxes on the affluent in the belief that this would spark a huge boom; the boom didn’t happen, but the budget deficit exploded, offering an object lesson to those willing to learn from experience.


Fast food workers to escalate wage demands

CHICAGO (AP) — Fast food workers say they’re prepared to escalate their campaign for higher wages and union representation, starting with a national convention in suburban Chicago where more than 1,000 workers will discuss the future of the effort that has spread to dozens of cities in less than two years.

Deal for vets health care costs $17B

WASHINGTON — A bipartisan deal announced Monday would authorize about $17 billion to help veterans avoid long waits for health care, hire more doctors and nurses to treat veterans and make it easier to fire executives at the Department of Veterans Affairs.


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