Council advances e-cig ban

A bill prohibiting the use of electronic cigarettes anywhere smoking traditional cigarettes is banned moved ahead Wednesday to its final vote, after attempts to first amend, then delay, the measure were batted away by a County Council majority.

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Groups sue feds for bigeye fishing rule

HONOLULU — Environmental groups on Thursday sued the National Marine Fisheries Service to challenge a new rule for fishing bigeye tuna, a popular species for sushi and fish steaks.



HVO looks ahead amid break(out) in the activity

U.S. Geological Survey scientists at the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory (HVO), scanning HVO’s Kilauea East Rift Zone webcam images, noted a new breakout of lava on Saturday, Nov. 15. It occurred in the vicinity of Pu‘u Kahauale‘a, a forested cone completely surrounded by Pu‘u ‘O‘o lava flows. This cone lies in the uppermost part of the June 27th lava flow, about 1.6 kilometers (1 miles) northeast of Pu‘u ‘O‘o. Throughout the day, helicopter pilots corroborated HVO’s observations.



Misnamed ‘Freedom’ legislation

The proposed USA Freedom Act was billed in some quarters as “sweeping” reform of controversial data collection practices by the National Security Agency that were publicly disclosed 18 months ago by Edward Snowden, who was then an intelligence contractor with the spy agency.

Recalling Nelson Rockefeller

WASHINGTON — Seen through the prism of subsequent national experience, Nelson Rockefeller resembles a swollen post-war automobile — a land yacht with tail fins, a period piece, bemusing and embarrassing. He remains, however, instructive.

Net neutrality and the Internet balancing act

Everyone from giant Internet service providers to lone “Twilight” fan-fiction writers seems to love “net neutrality.” But few who genuflect toward the phrase can make real sense of the bureaucratic battle raging in and around the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and its frequently maligned chairman, Thomas Wheeler.


Immigration plan good for economy

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama’s expansive executive action on immigration is good for the U.S. economy — just not as good as partnering with Congress on broader reforms.

Afghan mission broadens

WASHINGTON — U.S. troops in Afghanistan may once again engage Taliban fighters, not just al-Qaida terrorists, under new guidelines quietly approved by President Barack Obama, administration officials say.


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