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The fictitious ‘war on women’

DENVER — One of the wonders of this political moment is feminist contentment about the infantilization of women in the name of progressive politics. Government, encouraging academic administrations to micromanage campus sexual interactions, now assumes that, absent a script, women cannot cope. And the Democrats’ trope about the Republicans’ “war on women” clearly assumes that women are civic illiterates.

Big money, big secrets

The Supreme Court’s 2010 decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, permitting unlimited corporate and union donations for independent political activity, stated explicitly the meaning of independent. “By definition,” the court declared, “an independent expenditure is political speech presented to the electorate that is not coordinated with a candidate.” The thrust of the decision was that such outside political donations are protected by the First Amendment, but they must remain separate from the candidate and fully disclosed to the voters. Sadly, in this campaign season, it seems that only some portions of Citizens United are being honored, while others are widely ignored.

New approach needed for Ebola

With reports that a nurse who treated Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan in Dallas has been infected, one thing urgently needs to be made clear: Our hospitals are not prepared to confront the deadly virus.