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A Texas-sized plate dispute

WASHINGTON — The Battle of Palmito Ranch near Brownsville, Texas, on May 13, 1865, is called the last battle of the Civil War, but the Texas Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) might consider that judgment premature, given its conflict with the state’s Department of Transportation and Department of Motor Vehicles. This skirmish is of national interest because it implicates a burgeoning new entitlement — the right to pass through life without encountering any disagreeable thought.

Obama ends the Castro regime

Just after noon Wednesday, President Barack Obama stood behind a lectern in the Cabinet Room of the White House and announced the end of the Castro era. His decision to normalize ties with Cuba, and loosen restrictions on travel and commerce, is a bold and overdue change in course, closing one of the last wounds of the Cold War and promising to open up new relationships and economic opportunities throughout Latin America.

Get ready for drones

The potential for unmanned aircraft — also known as drones — to make life easier is tantalizing, eliciting images of tiny package-delivery devices zipping around town so UPS trucks wouldn’t have to.

Woes reflect push to control media

The website of the Venezuelan newspaper El Nacional was packed one recent day with stories about the shortages plaguing the economically stricken country. One covered a lack of medicine for diabetes patients. A second reported on multiplying lines at gasoline stations in Caracas and other cities. A third recounted the government’s failure to supply international airlines with the $3.6 billion in hard currency they are owed, which has caused a reduction in flights to Venezuela.

Americas have made progress

When President Bill Clinton and 33 other chiefs of state hosted a milestone Summit of the Americas in Miami 20 years ago this week, they committed their countries to the dream of a fully democratic Western Hemisphere from Canada to Patagonia — a dream that remains unrealized today.

Can Jerry Brown calm street protests?

California Gov. Jerry Brown is in a unique and enviable position, as far as politicians go. He’s old but vigorous. He’s popular but idiosyncratic. He’s the master of Sacramento, but he’s beholden to no one. He hardly even had to campaign for re-election. He got everything he wanted and more. Now what?