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The United States’ invisible rich

Half a century ago, a classic essay in The New Yorker titled “Our Invisible Poor” took on the then-prevalent myth that America was an affluent society with only a few “pockets of poverty.” For many, the facts about poverty came as a revelation, and Dwight Macdonald’s article arguably did more than any other piece of advocacy to prepare the ground for Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty.

Dancing with China

For the United States and other democratic capitalist nations, trade with and investment in the People’s Republic of China always posed a dilemma: how to ensure that economic engagement benefits the people of that nation without fortifying the repressive political regime under which they live.

Obamacare costs will hurt Senate Dems

As we start the final stretch before the midterm elections, many analysts are convinced that Obamacare isn’t the hot political issue it once was. While the flood of negative publicity about the law has subsided of late, a majority of people still oppose it, according to a Real Clear Politics average of polls taken from Sept. 2-15. And I’ve always believed the voters’ negative impressions of the law were “baked” into their assessments of Democratic incumbents.

Holder’s loyalty was always misplaced

If membership in Barack Obama’s Cabinet was based on merit, Thursday’s announcement of the impending departure of Attorney General Eric Holder would have come a lot sooner. Instead, Mr. Holder outlasted all but two of Mr. Obama’s original Cabinet secretaries (the exceptions being Education Secretary Arne Duncan and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack).

A battle royal in Iowa

URBANDALE, Iowa — The Machine Shed restaurant, where the waitresses wear bib overalls and suggest a cinnamon roll the size of a loaf of bread as a breakfast appetizer, sells a root beer called Dang!, bandages made to look like bacon strips, and signs that proclaim “I love you more than bacon.” For Joni Ernst, however, the apposite sign reads “No one ever injured their eyesight by looking on the bright side.”

Obama mostly misses the point on tax inversions

Corporate inversions — when American companies reincorporate abroad to lower their tax bills — have become a political controversy solely because of the screwiness of the U.S. tax system. If our government taxed companies based on their consumption, or on the income they make on U.S. territory, or on where their shareholders live, then the place where they were chartered would have no tax consequences.

Don’t stand for bad boys of the NFL

This Sunday, and for the next five months, Americans will watch multimillionaire athletes try to move a ball from one side of a field to the other. We’ll have tailgate parties outside massive stadiums paid for with taxes. We’ll get together with friends and relatives in living rooms so giant strong men can entertain us with a showcase of rare talents and physical prowess.