Saturday | July 30, 2016
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Your Views for April 1

Sinking low

Are you planning a trip to the mainland? Taking Hawaiian Airlines? Wearing light clothing? You might want to think about that.

As you know, once Hawaiian Airlines reaches their flying path, you sit back and try to enjoy yourself in those horrible thin seats. You have your snack and then you settle back to rest during the flight.

The air condition is on and the plane is nice and cool. But you are getting cold. You ask one of the airline employees if you can have a blanket as you are getting cold and want to rest.

Ah-ha! You are told, yes, but that will be $10, but you get to keep that regular blue Hawaiian Airlines blanket. How nice that is.

Hawaiian Airlines makes millions of extra dollars on the baggage charges and the change of flight, and now they seem to be getting very greedy and want even more.

I know, you do not mind paying $5 for a beverage but $10 for a flimsy blanket.

My suggestion to everyone is to bring your own blanket. That way you will be more comfortable and heck, you might even enjoy the flight.

John Gallipeau


Praise for Stover

Saturday’s Tribune-Herald article about Dr. John Stover was interesting and also, very sad.

I feel sorry for the patients involved and for Dr. Stover. However, he has treated me three times for extraction and implant surgery. I thought him to be extremely professional and knowledgeable, and I plan to continue seeing him for further surgery in spite of what is happening these patients. Dr. Stover is a busy man and it may be understandable why some cases not have the outcome that we would all like to see — a good result.

I pray that this will come out the best possible way for all concerned.

John L. Turner, M.D.


About driver’s tests

In regard to offering the driver’s license written test in 12 additional languages: How comforting it will be to know that there will be thousands of drivers on our highways and byways who cannot read the road signs.

Another triumph of political correctness over common sense in the Peoples’ Republic of Hawaii. If we’re actually going to proceed with this nonsense, how about having every road sign in the State written in 13 languages, then no one will be discriminated against. Wouldn’t that be fun?

Don Weeks



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