Thursday | October 19, 2017
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Your Views for April 10

Not lost after all

Thanks for providing the “Lost and Found” column in your newspaper.

What I thought was lost, however, turned out to be misplaced. And I found it today! Embarrassingly, a senior moment?

Yes, but to place a more positive spin: Absentmindedness does make possible the joy of rediscovery!

Don Nigro


Traffic fatalities

It appears we have had our second fatality in the 35-mph construction zone area (of Highway 130) since the speed limit was reduced for the road construction.

From the very beginning, I questioned the speed reduction on the premise that nationally recognized practices for setting speed limits state it is hazardous to set too low of a speed limit.

During a two-month period, I documented the speed of the traffic going through the construction zone — during construction activities and off-hour times, all times of the day, and all days of the week.

Almost 100 percent of the time, the traffic flowed at 50 to 55 mph, totally ignoring the posted speed limit. Occasionally, a car would try to go the posted 35 mph, and it would back up traffic and cause hazardous conditions in that the other cars would tailgate or try to pass.

Are these two fatalities a result of the reduced speed limit causing road rage, and is the state Department of Transportation now responsible for these deaths?

What a shame we have had loss of lives because of ignorance on the part of our transportation department.

Kenji James


‘Reason’ not

a dirty word

This is a reminder to the good folks who advocate for reason and free thought to guide our daily lives.

Please write to our senators and representatives and urge them to stand up for the virtues of reason and the separation of church and state in our constitutionally secular government.

Ask them to enter a statement into the congressional record honoring the National Day of Reason, which will be May 1 this year.

Don Bremer



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