Wednesday | December 13, 2017
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Your Views for April 15

What about E. Hawaii?

Regarding the April 10 article, “DLNR Chairman says Big Island projects ongoing”: Bret Yager of West Hawaii Today must not have asked if there were any projects in the mill for East Hawaii. Of course the Department of Land and Natural Resources’ Boating Division is Honolulu centric. That’s where the chief of state government is located. There are many marinas and moorings on Oahu.

On this island, it is apparent Hawaii Island’s DLNR Division of Boating is Kailua-Kona and West Hawaii centric. That’s where its office is located and where the only state marina is located.

No projects were mentioned for East Hawaii, even though Hilo Bay has been without a bay-side boat ramp since the completion of the Wailoa River Bridge nearly two decades ago. That’s how long Hilo boaters have been lobbying and waiting for a bay-side boat ramp.

Don’t get me wrong. I truly think it is a good thing West Hawaii is getting some much-needed DLNR-Boating projects completed, but doing all the work there doesn’t mean Hawaii Island is getting its fair share of boating-related construction projects.

There is more than one side of the island, and there are boaters everywhere.

John Luchau

Hawaiian Paradise Park

Idea for Bayfront

The Hilo Bayfront trails project sounds like a wonderful idea to help improve our waterfront and provide additional recreational opportunities for visitors and residents.

While that is being planned, perhaps it might be time to consider getting rid of the bayfront highway that blocks access to the waterfront and does not seem to be so important, since we no longer have the cane trucks rumbling through town. If the highway was removed, Mo’oheau Park could be expanded all the way to the waterfront.

If that could be done, it would certainly seem appropriate to build the proposed roundabout at the intersection of Kamehameha Avenue, Waianuenue Avenue and the singing bridge. This would help to calm traffic through downtown Hilo while allowing all traffic to move smoothly.

An additional thought might be to construct a recreational pier on the site of the former Kaipalaoa Landing wharf. This could enhance the proposed Kaipalaoa Park.

On a recent visit to Kauai, I discovered the beautiful Ahukini Landing area with its recreational pier built on the foundations of the old wharf at Hanama‘ulu Bay, near Lihue airport.

We need something like that for Hilo.

Bob Alder



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