Saturday | May 27, 2017
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Your Views for April 17

Trump’s narcissism

Thank you, Tribune-Herald, for running columns by knowledgeable, talented journalists such as Kathleen Parker and Dana Milbank, and brilliant economists such as Paul Krugman.

Mr. Ron Baptista (April 14, Your Views) can only tolerate pro-President Donald Trump letters, so I suggest he avoid this one.

Melania is Donald Trump’s third wife, but doesn’t live with him, instead making taxpayers pay for security and other expenses for her fancy abode in New York. No one is a first lady who doesn’t live in the White House and earn the respect of the people.

I watched every excruciating minute of the primary “debates,” during which I was alarmed to see that Trump knew nothing about the issues, government or the world, so instead of debating he just debased his 16 opponents in true bully fashion.

He showed himself to be crude, rude, racist, sexist and a liar. He denied saying or doing things that tapes show him saying and doing. He seems to think Americans are ignorant, but 3 million more of them voted for Hillary Clinton than voted for him.

The GOP had a hard time resigning itself to his candidacy, but half-heartedly supported him to avoid a Clinton victory, and Russia’s strongman, Vladimir Putin, helped him in clandestine ways.

He often said he admires Putin, the Russian president, and also had nice things to say about North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un and Rodrigo Duterte, president of the Philippines, and all three of these rulers have been known to jail or kill opponents. He has several aides with ties to Putin, including his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and his secretary of state.

His cabinet is a disgrace. He put as head of the EPA a man who wants to abolish it. He put Rick Perry in charge of an agency Perry said he wanted to abolish, then couldn’t remember its name. He put a woman in charge of education whose qualification seems to be that her brother founded Blackwater, the shady private security and military firm. He said he’d drain the swamp, but the swamp is spreading all through his government.

He has so many questionable deals all around the world that he refuses to release his tax returns. He also continues to have a hand in his businesses, which compromises his positions with many countries. Even his Muslim ban carefully avoided countries with whom he has dealings. I and many others hope for a bipartisan or, preferably, an independent investigation into every aspect of his businesses and finances.

He considers the presidency a titular position. He wants to be president but not do any of the work. He spends most of his time in Florida at his estate and on the golf course.

He holds grudges, plots revenge and is erratic. Everything is about his narcissism. Anyone who isn’t scared of losing cherished freedoms or getting into mindless wars isn’t paying attention.

Charlotte Phillips



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