Monday | November 20, 2017
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Your Views for April 20

Trash-free park

On Saturday, April 22, Ulu La‘au, the Waimea Nature Park, will become a trash-free park.

The Waimea Outdoor Circle, along with the Nature Park Advisory Committee, has worked toward this goal for the past year. It is a growing trend throughout the country, has been very successful and is a concept encouraged back in 1999 when the nature park was first being developed.

We are optimistic from our yearlong survey that park visitors are happy to comply by carrying out their own trash, as many already do. While we intend to continue providing the “doggie bags” for our four-legged friends, we do ask that pet owners dispose of their pet waste in a responsible manner outside the park.

On behalf of all of the park volunteers, thank you so much for your support and for keeping Ulu La‘au, the Waimea Nature Park, clean, green and beautiful!

Cheryl Langton

Waimea Outdoor Circle

Good job

Thank you, Councilwoman Sue Lee Loy, for taking the time out of your busy schedule to personally come to upper Waiakea Uka to check and follow up on a flooding issue that has been ongoing and overlooked for many years. It was a potential hazard for an accident.

Also, thank you, Neil Azevedo, chief of the Department of Public Works Highway Maintenance Division, for taking the steps necessary to remedy the flooding problem by cleaning a flood canal drain and installing a dry well to help detour the water flow from the highway.

These two hard-working individuals are a great asset to our county.

Clayton Low


Too much power

The bill on aid in dying passed the state Senate 22-3. Then it hit the House Health Committee. Chairwoman Della Au Belatti, D-Oahu, shelved it without a vote.

Allowing a committee chair to “just say no” without giving our representatives a chance to debate is simply not democratic. Why do these committee chairs have so much power?

Perhaps if the Senate and House met for more than five months out of the year (for the same salary, of course) they might have more time to debate these issues. Oh, well, we can only hope.

Fred Fogel



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