Monday | June 27, 2016
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Your Views for April 26

Raises ‘out of line’

The Salary Commission is way out of line. The economy has not recovered, and they are giving out raises like there are no limits. Do they ever consider lowering salaries if some salaries are out of line? I make less money for a private company than I did 10 years ago.

Mayor Billy Kenoi promised to lower property taxes for rentals and farms when the economy was better after he raised them in his first term. Maybe it is time for him to act on his promise.

Now, all I read about is everyone in government is getting a raise. County Council is giving raises to its helpers. The mayor is giving raises to his subordinates. The Salary Commission is raising all the commissioners’ salaries.

The unions negotiated for raises. The raises are way bigger than inflation. At the same time, the committee to make property taxes equitable has done nothing. Is the only chance a property owner in Hawaii has is to get a Howard Jarvis-like bill (Proposition 13) passed to put a cap on property taxes?

The mayor and government employees laughed when Brenda Ford indicated her property taxes increased. Is the Salary Commission also laughing at how inept property owners’ voices in government expenses are?

Is this why your public hearing is in Hilo at a time when only county employees attend? Is this so they get paid to host the meeting? They could care less about what affect it has on property taxes.

Why doesn’t the Salary Commission publish its study, so the public can see where it gets its figures? I can’t imagine many places raising salaries in these times. I know private companies aren’t.

Michael Wilson

Captain Cook

Candy is food?

Can someone explain to me why, at our Saturday Farmers Market, I saw a stand selling cotton candy that had a sign that said, “Food stamps/EBT accepted”? I thought food stamps were for food.

And what do electronic cigarettes have to do with farming? People who go to a farmers market shouldn’t have to breathe in e-vapor fumes when they’re shopping for healthy food!

Mel Holden



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