Thursday | November 23, 2017
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Your Views for April 30

The money trail

Thank you for reporting on the County Council’s district contingency relief funds. I would like to clarify where the funding from Council District 3 has been distributed.

As you noted, of the $90,944 total, the largest single expenditure was to the Department of Parks and Recreation, but it was not for Parks Maintenance Division equipment. The $31,000 was transferred to the golf course fund for the purchase of a Cushman Turf-Truckster utility vehicle and the GreensGroomer Brush System grounds maintenance equipment.

The second-largest appropriation of District 3, was $25,000 for the reroofing of the fire department’s vehicle and equipment building, which also houses Chopper 1, located at the Waiakea Fire Station. This provides partial funding of the total cost of replacement.

About $11,000 went to the police department for traffic enforcement, a McGruff the Crime Dog costume and for bicycle patrols.

The remainder of the balance went to the Recreation Division, Parks Maintenance, Civil Defense, Public Works, the Pana‘ewa Equestrian Center, the Office of the Prosecuting Attorney and the fire department.

These funds help departments meet unexpected needs that arise during the fiscal year.

Dennis “Fresh” Onishi

Council member, District 3

A message of peace

I appreciate the front-page coverage entitled, “Protesting for peace,” on April 23 (Tribune-Herald). However, I take issue with referring to the protesters as “rabble rousers.”

How can a group of folks asking for peace, aloha and inclusion be called “rabbler rousers?” Mr. James Borden is entitled the protection of the First Amendment, as are the protesters. I am one of the many who cringe when I pass Mr. Borden’s display. It’s interesting that he says that his intention is “to protect the people from the evil in the world.”

I think that racism and hatred are “the evil in the world,” and that our beautiful Hilo town stands for aloha and tolerance. For someone who professes to be a Christian, he seems to have missed Jesus’ message to “love one another as I have loved you” and “judge not, lest ye be judged.”

I am proud of the Puna residents who organized this protest, and hope that many others will join in future demonstrations.

Cathy Hough



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