Saturday | June 25, 2016
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Your Views for August 7

‘Ridiculous’ story

Is there absolutely nothing happening on the Big Island that your newspaper has to resort to creating news? That’s what I thought as I read, “PAC mismailing baffles council candidates.”

Why is this even worth writing about? It’s an unfortunate occurrence for those affected, but nothing I would characterize as newsworthy. In fact, (reporter) Nancy Cook Lauer even goes on to speculate and draw far-fetched conclusions about why this happened. It was so ridiculous, I laughed out loud.

Why would anyone waste their money to send a candidate mailer to some random residents, just because of the possibility that the candidate might run for higher office in two years? I can’t be the only person who thinks this makes no sense! This isn’t the first time our Big Island newspapers have had “non-news” stories like this. The newspapers must raise their standards of news reporting or they risk losing subscribers like me.

Patricia Dunn


Selfish habits

Now that our children are back in school, we hope every one of them has all the school supplies they need. We salute organizations and the general public for making possible the availability of school supplies for children of needy families. No matter the social or economic background of school children, no child should be left without proper school supplies.

However, there are a few parents that seem to put their needs before their children’s needs. So, for next year’s school session, give up those packs of cigarettes, beer and expensive tattoos, and put that money toward your child’s next set of school supplies.

Rick LaMontagne


Buying votes?

Thank your for publishing the “Council candidate fundraising” chart (Tribune-Herald, Aug. 2). Come this Saturday evening, as I watch the election results, I plan to use this helpful and easy-to-read chart to determine if the candidates who had the biggest war chests were the ones who garnered the largest number of votes.

I invite your readers to make the same comparisons, and hopefully we’ll be surprised to find out that “big money” did not buy votes on the Big Island.

But, truthfully — I’m keeping my fingers crossed on this one.

Richard Dinges



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