Tuesday | January 16, 2018
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Your Views for December 12

A Great Samaritan

On Thursday, Dec. 5, our elderly mother was home alone and fell, receiving head and facial injuries. We want to thank the anonymous morning walker who spotted our mother stretched precariously unattended in the driveway and alerted the neighbor to call 911.

Both the walker and neighbor are not good but GREAT Samaritans who came to my mother’s aid.

Words are not enough, but all we have to express our sincere mahalo for your kind deed.

Lorna Young and family

Mountain View

Christmas melodies

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it can become difficult for us to relax a bit and enjoy the traditions and family togetherness of the season.

It is befitting for us to keep our sense of balance and treat ourselves, as well as others to the special times that Christmas brings.

Helping to fulfill these important needs, may I recommend a high-caliber performance by many of our talented choristers and their gifted conductors.

Presented at the University of Hawaii at Hilo Performing Arts Center on Dec. 15 at 2 p.m. will be a first class concert of the lovely music of the season, for both adults and keiki to enjoy.

Amy Horst and Tom McAlexander are outstanding conductors who have assembled a program of music that will help to get us all into the spirit of both giving and receiving.

Take a well-deserved break from cooking and shopping and gift wrapping and enjoy the delightful music of the season.

As a retired choral director, I know whereof I speak.

Amy and Tom are very good at what they do, so treat yourselves to a Christmas music break from all the chores of the season.

You deserve it.

Don Bremer


Rights for women

The “Afghanistan slow to enforce law on women” (Tribune-Herald, Dec. 9) is a disgrace to all countries in the near east.

Women are not allowed to be in the same room during religious ceremonies, are only able to use taxi cabs marked “Women,” are not allowed to drive, and, in general for centuries, have been treated worse than animals, even being killed at birth on occasions.

My gripe is that the United States gives funds to most of these countries knowing that a woman’s life means little.

Stop the funds to these countries and watch the results if we as a country want equality for all.

It has taken many years here in our own U.S. of A. for women to be treated with the equality they deserve, and yet there are those in government positions who still want to control their rights.

What happens to politicians after they are elected?

Carmine Spada



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