Tuesday | August 30, 2016
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Your Views for December 14

Pounding the poor

Do politicians believe in God, or do they just pretend to?

How is Congress harming our fellow Americans right now?

1) Congress will basically start kicking poor people out of their homes early next year. Budget cuts due to sequestration will take rental assistance vouchers away from 140,000 families. Some 3 million disabled seniors and families will be affected. Sequester cuts meant that 300,000 families in 2013 were denied government support for energy costs.

2) Cuts to food stamps were implemented on Nov. 1. House Republicans are pushing to take $39 billion from SNAP over the next decade. Some 3.8 million Americans would lose their food in 2014, with 2.8 million losing their food each year. Cuts to Meals on Wheels will cut millions of meals for seniors next year. Meanwhile, the Women, Infants, and Children program (WIC), which provides health care referrals and nutrition to poor pregnant and postpartum women and children up to age 5, has lost some $500 million in cuts to feeding infants.

3) Head Start literally had to kick preschoolers out of their classrooms this March and removed some 70,000 children from the program this September.

4) The United States has one of the worst unemployment programs in the developed world. Studies show that government assistance fuels the job searches of 4.4 million Americans. And spending will slow, so our growth will slow, and people will be laid off, or fewer hired, if they do not enact the EUC another year, until unemployment rates drop.

5) President Obama put Social Security cuts in his budget for fiscal year 2014, leading to benefit cuts of $230 billion in the next 10 years, which we the people pay into with every paycheck we make. So, in effect, our money is being taken away from us.

Are these morals and ethics that Jesus taught?

So, politicians and my fellow Americans, if your personal ideals and self-interest comes before the teachings of Christ, then do not speak of God. Because you would be blaspheming.

What about performance?

Are you kidding me? The Salary Commission wants to give more county employees raises, while the mayor wants to borrow more money. What is that?

In the salary discussions, these and others, there is no mention of pay based on performance. As with all government positions, it is seniority. Especially, the union jobs. Union members in this county should have their own countywide union. There should not be a statewide union for employees.

By the way, where is our audit? How can anybody discuss finances without an audit?

Forgot. We don’t have an auditor.


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