Monday | May 29, 2017
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Your Views for December 3

Ignorance is enemy

On Sunday, Dec. 1, Ms. Karen Martinez wrote in the Hawaii Tribune-Herald: “I have done considerable research on GMOs and believe them to be unhealthy for consumption by all two-legged and four-legged beings.”

Ms. Martinez, where are all those facts you uncovered in your research? You write nothing but hyperbole and innuendo. The seed companies (GMOs) have been on Kauai since at least the early 1990s. So far, the Hawaii Tribune-Herald has NOT reported anyone dropping dead in the streets on the Garden Island due to the presence of GMOs. Here on Big Island, there are GMO papaya and GMO corn for Big Island Dairy.

Ms. Martinez, have any of the employees of those companies become ill or have any died from working around or consuming GMO products?

Ms. Martinez continues with the fact that Monsanto serves “organic food” in its cafeterias. Perhaps this is the case because the patrons there have requested “organic food” be served in the cafeterias. It is reasonable to surmise that non-“organic” food is also served there.

Finally, Ms. Martinez writes: “We are writing tomorrow’s history of the Big Island. Those who force GMOs on the community, the names of those people and their families, will carry the brunt of the karma, anger and hate of everyone else whose family members become ill and die. Do you want your name on that list? Does your family want to be on that list?”

Please, Ms. Martinez, Bill 113 DOES NOT force anyone to purchase or consume GMOs. We still have choices. Allow “thinking and informed people” the right of choice. As to those lists you mention, remember, Ms. Martinez, totalitarian governments, dictators and snooping NSA types keep lists of real and or imagined enemies. GMO is not your enemy. Ignorance is your enemy.

For a success story with GMOs, go to to “golden rice” and the millions around the world who have been helped by the consumption of golden rice. They now have vitamin A in their diets. And to those anti-Wall Street types, golden rice, after extensive testing, was released to the world FREE of all trademark considerations and patent fees.

It starts at home

I agree with the letter, “We all were keiki” (Your Views, Tribune-Herald), but some adults in charge just don’t keep a watch over the children under their supervision. For example, I’ve been to Target, and these kids were throwing volleyballs OVER the aisles and throwing baseballs down the aisles. Someone could have gotten hit/hurt. The adult in charge did nothing! A clerk finally asked them to stop. To no avail. They continued after the warning.

Respect is taught at home first, then carried out when in public. Some children’s behavior is far from civil, but then again, so are some adults’ behavior. As parents, we have to raise our children knowing that they are our mirror images. Their behavior reflects our behavior.


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