Wednesday | December 07, 2016
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Your Views for December 5

Why cut them?

Why is the Hawaii County Department of Parks and Recreation in the process of removing the monkeypod trees from Panaewa Equestrian Center under the guise of “public safety” when they are not removing the trees from other county public facilities — i.e. Hilo County Building, Hilo Bayfront, etc. — for the same “public safety” reason?

And to think this is all being done without any public input.

Will miss Pahoa store

The closing of Pahoa Cash &Carry in Puna is a sign of the times, but sad to see it happen.

I first entered their doors 40 years ago and was truly enchanted … Mrs. Hara was full of kindness and a sweetheart of a lady.

I would browse around and find things I needed or wanted or just to have.

Over the years, I continued to find happy faces and things I needed or wanted or just to have. …

Aloha, Cash &Carry, and all the great workers that made shopping a happy place. Fond memories I shall have.

Let freedom ride!

We have few remaining freedoms in our increasingly authoritarian-leaning society. Those of us who are fortunate enough to have the means to afford one of the last bastions of individual liberty — the motorcycle — should have the alienable right to commandeer his bike without the burden of additional legal constraints.

‘Profanity and lies’

I agree with Harriet Chung’s letter (Tribune-Herald, Your Views) where she states that respect is taught at home. Well, I agree, it should be taught at home, but unfortunately it is not.

It seems to be taught on the street. Stand on the sidewalk and listen to words spoken by passers-by. It seems that our younger generation cannot complete a sentence without vulgarity. (Profanity) is used in every sentence. I personally know a mother of four whose favorite words when something so slight happens is (an expletive).

And, if you say, “Wow, that was not nice,” she would bellow it out again. I wonder if her boys use what they hear at home. First-grade kids (directing profanity at) their teachers is a common thing. This apparently is taught at home.

Maybe parents having to hold down two jobs and having no time to communicate with their children has something to do with this, or it is just who they “hang” with, but we are living in a world in which respect no longer has any meaning.

We seem to live in a world of profanity and lies. I guess that is why today 70 percent of the people have no trust in each other.


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