Sunday | November 19, 2017
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Your Views for December 6

Why cut them?

I would like to comment on the cutting of the trees at the Panaewa Equestrian Center.

We the people at the Panaewa Equestrian Center feel so violated with our rights to say yea or nay. The trees represent beauty, serenity, a place where we call our second home. Not only the horse lovers enjoy the beauty, but also other people come up and bring their kids to play and have lunch. Look at the horses; just enjoy the serenity of it all.

Most of us have been there over 30 years. Slowly they take everything from us. We have no pavilions to have gatherings to get out of the rain. We use the trees to run under for protection. With the trees gone, where are we to go?

They (Hawaii County) are cutting almost all the trees. As for the roads, I don’t see damage made by the trees. I see water damage on the sides of the roads leaving deep gouges on sides.

This is so upsetting, and we really don’t know what to do. There goes our beautiful equestrian center.

More inefficiency

The new state vehicle inspection system requires the inspector to use a computerized pad of sorts to take pictures and fill out the report for the vehicle inspections.

Well, here is the problem. If the computer system or the server goes down, the inspection cannot take place. There is no back-up system for these circumstances. They cannot perform the inspection, and the auto owner has to come back or go elsewhere. More waste of the consumer’s time and travel time.

The state does not care about being taxpayer friendly. They just make laws and systems to suit themselves. What are we paying them for?

Too much ‘tech’

For the first time ever, I agree with one of Bill O’Reilly’s columns — the one published in the Hawaii Tribune-Herald on Dec. 2. In that column, Mr. O’Reilly bemoaned seeing people on a tropical beach engrossed in their tech gadgets, missing the splendor of nature all around them. His experience was in the West Indies. Go to any beach in Hawaii, and you’ll see the same thing.

I guess even precious Hawaii has become too boring for a brain addicted to tech stimulation. It’s a sad state of affairs.


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