Friday | November 24, 2017
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Your views for February 21

Beautiful celebration

Mahalo plenty for your wonderful coverage of Namaste’s celebration of life on Saturday, Feb. 1, at the Panaewa Zoo. His many friends who came and shared their fond remembrances of Namaste, including Art Smith and his fabulous photographs, brought joy and tears.

We also learned that of all his litter mates, Namaste lived the longest! Mahalo, zoo keepers!

We look forward to celebrating the arrival of his granite memorial.

Meka Kaiser and friends

Hawaiian Paradise Park

Wasting tax dollars

In the Feb. 12 Tribune-Herald appears another pie-in-the-sky (and pie in the taxpayer’s eye) hot-air announcement of (maybe, kinda, sorta, possibly) a Kona space plane/spaceport proposal from the State Office of Aerospace development. The same people who brought you the Ka‘u spaceport multiple times (and still beating that dead horse) and pushed the development of Hilo as a high-tech center (another joke). They identified 27 potential sites, which would have to include every old cane spraying airstrip to get that number.

They also note there are no large population centers nearby. Tell that to the people from Kailua-Kona. (Where are these PR flacks from anyway? Can you say Honolulu?)

Look at their website for info (still under construction after multiple years) for their listed successes. Total: 0. (They’ll try to take credit for the telescopes which were going up anyway.)

This office is just another waste of taxpayer money for jobs for the Democrats’ political supporters. A bunch of useless leeches on the public taxpayer’s dime.

On the same day, another leech-staffed state agency PISCES trumpets new uses for lava rock. They want to replace concrete with a crushed lava rock with a bonding agent (can you say concrete?) for sidewalks. (No time or place for project named. Public Works knows nada about it.) Aren’t they doing this already with base course and fine-ground lava? Don’t we have beautiful sidewalks already from cut lava rocks?

At least they slip up once and admit it, and I quote: “Funding so far has mostly covered salaries and operational costs. But the research team is ready to get some project underway (No project name or place). If we give them another $1.3 million.”

If we can’t kill these taxpayer money drain leech offices at least put their press releases in the proper section of the Tribune-Herald — the Comics. (Or underneath the cat box where they will have some real use.)

William Wade

Kehena Beach


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