Monday | December 11, 2017
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Your Views for February 4

Safety concerns

Last year, the Waiakea Rec Center was refurbished with new paint, new ceiling fans and parking lot. However, like all county projects, design defects pop up and out.

There is a parking stall and concrete curbing directly in front of the entrance. This is a tripping hazard waiting for a lawsuit.

One senior already went face-to-face with the pavement. There is no crosswalk to the parking lot. A child must pass between cars or monster trucks when he exits the dojo. A driver has no field of sight to the doorway. There are no street lights in the parking lot. One could be easily mugged on the far ends of the parking lot.

The courts found one Hilo hotel negligent in safety lighting years ago. These concerns have already been submitted to the building manager. So far, no remedies have been made.

So, who do we talk to?

Michael Chun


Bogus study

One of the studies most used to promote their anti-GMOs position has been retracted. As reported in the Economist (Dec. 7-13), the study was by Gilles-Eric Seralini of the University of Caen (France) and published in September 2012 by Food and Toxicology.

This same journal retracted this study on Nov. 28. The study had been criticized for its methodology, could not distinguish tumors, which might have been caused by GM food or naturally occurring, and the study had been set up to investigate a different question: How do you feed more than 7 billion people?

No, we start the debate about what to do now that we have banned GMOs. We should have finished the discussion before rushing into this ban. Let cooler heads reign.

John K. Suderman


Why not Doi?

Just wondering why the Tribune-Herald — in its story on the Waimea Cherry Blossom Festival and how one of the cherry blossom trees planted was done to honor Hawaii Island son and former judge and Lt. Gov. Nelson Doi — chose to publish a photo of Gov. Abercrombie assisting with the planting, instead of former Lt. Gov. Doi doing the same.

Mike Ben



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