Thursday | January 19, 2017
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Your Views for January 1

Let’s hear it

HELCO’s solar electric net zero metering has reached saturation. Now, we have a lesser return on private electric investment in the public grid. This makes it much less attractive to potential investors.

Time-of-use metering values night use more than day use, but less than peak demand (5-10 p.m.) use. Instead of punishing latecomers to the solar movement and charging more for nonsolar electric nighttime use, HELCO should encourage as much solar collection as is possible. The excess energy could be directed to hydroelectric plants, situated at the prime grid/topography locations.

Build mauka and makai reservoirs; we have the topography. Excess solar electric would pump water from makai to mauka reservoirs during the day. At night, the mauka reservoirs would open gates to flow to the makai reservoirs.

Along the way down, the flow could turn multiple generators, to recover the solar power stored during the day. Hey, they could even turn it into a Disney-like ride, generating more income.

If we are to reach 100 percent renewable, crazy ideas like this might help. What is your crazy idea?

Jeff Lux


A lot of cowards

According to the latest news analysis, 1.7 million people did not cast a ballot for the presidential election, which translated into a win for Donald Trump. What is more revealing is your cartoon of Vladimir Putin, with his wink and his “I VOTED” button. He now has a very friendly business partner in Trump, as well as a friendly secretary of state in Rex Tillerson, who was decorated with a friendship medal by Putin. Consider this: Putin now owns the president and the secretary of state.

In addition, the cowardice of Rep. Paul Ryan and Sen. Mitch McConnell, as well as members of the Republican Party, in distancing themselves from the Russian hacking revelation, leads me to conclude that Putin now controls the direction of the Republican Party.

However, I’m not surprised, since Putin is just following the well-documented script developed by the Republican Party to win elections either by hook or crook with their district gerrymandering and their inventive methods of voter suppression.

I cast my ballot and lost. Others cast their ballot and won, but at least we voted. There were 1.7 million cowards.

George C. Thomas


Too inviting?

The homeless population seems to rise more than it declines.

The homeless can be elderly, families with children, our veterans or even those with drug and or mental issues. No one should be homeless. However, it seems that as more homeless shelters and services are created, the homeless population appears to increase.

More so with transients coming to Hawaii from abroad, taking advantage of Hawaii’s proactive approach to homelessness, especially during the mainland’s winter months. While many homeless here take the initiative to get back on their feet, there are others who are freeloading off of Hawaii’s good humanitarian nature by taking advantage of free meals, free showers and free shelters, then loafing all day under shady trees or deserted buildings.

Panhandling for beer and/or cigarette money in the middle of roadways or parking lots does not appear to be the right step to take if one is trying to get back on his or her own feet.

Rick LaMontagne



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