Thursday | January 19, 2017
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Your Views for January 12

‘It will never stop’

Regarding the proposal to increase the minimum wage: You poor, stupid fools, you know not where you are directing our great economy.

This type of legislation heads us right toward communism, decreased incentive and burdens every citizens with increased living expenses and costs that will never stop.

When 2022 arrives and our minimum wage is $22 per hour, they will be screaming for $25 per hour. IT WILL NEVER STOP.

What Mr. Nate Parris should be aspiring to is becoming his own boss, a coffee shop owner. Unfortunately, our education system is not equipping our young people with the desire, knowledge, skills and strength of character necessary to become self-sufficient entrepreneurs.

What our schools and disjointed families are producing are drones capable of pouring coffee and flipping burger patties and demanding more income because they can’t raise a family. Then comes EBT cards, Section 8 housing and, yes, increased taxation. So much for a free and democratic republic.

Mike Dickerson


Park solution

Once again, Harry Kim has shown true leadership and wisdom. Faced with a divided community and a controversial baseball park in Kukuihaele, Harry shook it all up and poured out a smooth solution I think everyone will be happy with.

The plan is very people-friendly, with walkways, picnic tables, a pavilion and bathrooms, landscaped with shade trees. There is a basketball court, parking lot and plans for a playground. And we still have the big, grassy field everyone wanted with gorgeous ocean views.

This can be used for soccer, football and other sports. Baseball people can do what we did when we were kids. We measured out the diamond and put flat pads where the bases go. There won’t be big, bright lights and lots of cars and noisy people, which was feared by local residents.

So, thank you, Harry, for making a brilliant decision, and thank you to all who have worked hard to make this park a wonderful reality. I see many years of enjoyment, great parties and fun to be had.

Edie Bikle



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