Wednesday | July 27, 2016
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Your Views for January 15

Roger is a hero

I suppose a case could conceivably be made that Roger Christie broke the law, but so then did those few Americans willing to challenge the all too often punitive, vindictive, and sometimes illegitimate rulings handed down by the courts and other government agencies.

We as citizens of this country can thank Roger along with those other seekers of justice and fairness for their efforts to keep America free. These are the real heroes of our society, the outliers who recognize the ever present threat to the human condition and respond accordingly.

Every hero faces foreboding consequences and the bullying behavior of the criminal justice system in Roger’s case merely exposes the systemic cowardice exhibited by the real offenders of the legal system appointed to challenge him.

I know Roger, and of all the people I know, Roger has done more to protect and advance justice and freedom of the citizens of this country than anyone. Our community cannot endure the continued incarceration of this valued member and neither can our troubled and confused Nation.

Kelly Greenwell


Why cut down trees?

It looks, to me, as though most of the trees are being removed in the center of the divided highway between Hilo and Keaau. Is this going to be done along that whole stretch of highway?

Visitors from the mainland, and other islands alike, always comment on what a beautiful stretch of road that is!

Not only is it taking away from the beauty of the area, but it is taking away the cool-down effect as you are leaving Hilo. You can feel it cooling when you’re driving out of town.

Ask any environmentalist and they will say that we need trees. And yet someone has made the decision that it is a good idea to cut them down and leave a few spindly ohias? Ridiculous!

Debbie Cochran


Wasting our money

Sunday’s Tribune-Herald paper listed remarks by our state legislators from this county. In all of their statements, each one listed ways for them to spend money. Not one of these people listed any ways for the state to become more efficient in saving the taxpayer money. All they seem to want to do is spend money.

There should be a close look at the general excise tax, which is the largest drain on small companies and the largest deterrent to small business origination in this state.

Bob Dukat



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