Tuesday | May 03, 2016
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Your Views for January 16

Feeling the pain

It has been noted that the current building codes in Hawaii County are unnecessary for parts of the island, due in large to the variability in climatic zones, which are well known and documented.

For example, if single-wall construction is adequate for a particular climate zone, it should be permitted, especially with the price of building materials going through (sic) the roof!

Someone who attended a lot of the code hearings said the county felt they had to pass something, but a kidney stone would have been a better choice.

Dave Kisor


Solar is the answer

Access to solar generation should be a right for all residents of our state.

Ninety-six percent of Hawaii residents support expanding solar and 85 percent support making solar more affordable.

Although we’re surrounded by solar, wind, wave and geothermal power, we still import 94 percent of our energy in the form of fossil fuel. Last year, we spent $7 billion on imported fuel. As a result, our electric bills are astonishingly four times higher than the national average.

Hawaii can and should be leading the nation in clean energy adoption, and rooftop solar is one of the best ways to get us there. If we fail to make these investments now, we will continue to be shouldered with exorbitant rates with no relief in sight.

By generating cheap energy that can be distributed locally, rooftop solar benefits all ratepayers, not just those with panels on their roof. The investments we make in a modern, clean energy grid now will help to relieve these crippling rates.

The suggestion made by HELCO and supported by this newspaper, that solar upgrades will be a burden on Hawaii ratepayers, is ludicrous. Solar is our only way out.

Moses Thrasher


Too much trash

I work and walk in the Keaau area.

Have you noticed there are no trash receptacles at the three bus stops in the area? No recycle bins for cans, etc.

Where do you think the riders put their rubbish? On the ground or in the bus.

The Keaau Shopping Center has a maintenance person that cleans up by the post office stop, yet the other two areas are a mess.

If we want to encourage people not to litter we need bins right away! Also, there is no signage indicating that there even is a bus stop. Not to mention no bench or weather protection. To encourage ridership these changes would be great.

T. King-Agan

Mountain View


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