Tuesday | January 17, 2017
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Your Views for January 31

Where will it end?

We, the voters, have got to stop this madness and refrain from voting the same inept and ineffective career politicians back into office time and time again.

We say we want change, but that’s just idle chatter. Look at the obnoxious and ridiculous ideas and proposals some of them have concocted and acted upon: same-sex marriage, which presently is a go-go; legalization of gambling, which is a no-no; and allowing farmers to grow marijuana for exportation to other nations as a way to raise tax revenue, which now is a so-so.

Added on to that are the children being taught in class how to use condoms, and yet they can’t even recite the Pledge of Allegiance. Illegal aliens are being granted amnesty while the Ten Commandments are being covered with a shroud.

What’s next, prostitution legalization? Why not? Like gambling and selling illegal drugs, it could REALLY generate tons of revenue.

We’re completely saturated with pollution in various forms as it is. Where will it all end? How about with the voters? Let a word to the wise be sufficient.

McWarren J. Mehau

Mountain View

Frequent visitor

I married my college sweetheart in Honolulu in 1968. Since then, we have been back many, many times, mostly to the Big Island.

Just last August, we returned and drove around the island. Island beauty was greatly enhanced by the clean roadsides. No litter!

We were reminded of this recently as we walked under the Santa Ana Freeway. Looking up, there must have been 100 pieces of litter strewn along 100 yards.

Maybe we come live there. Hawaii “moah beddah.”

John Jaeger

Irvine, Calif.


Religion is good and a very necessary entity for human life because it brings solace and salvation to the human soul.

However, it is not all good in that, at times, it denies and defies reality and logic, which might prove to be a hindrance to the improvement and economic well-being of our human society — thus, causing aggravation to our already over-burdened planet Earth.

T. Ono



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