Friday | November 24, 2017
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Your Views for July 16

‘No’ to Hu Honua

First they want to cut down trees in Pahala and Hamakua.

Then they want to truck — on county roads — those big logs through Volcano, Puna and Hilo to Pepeekeo — up to 144 times per day!

Then they want to burn the timber and spew air pollution.

Then they want to disperse the ash over our soil.

Then they want to raise your electricity bill.

Soon — this month — the Public Utilities Commission will decide whether to allow this incinerator to operate in Pepeekeo.

Together, we can — we must — stop this. And we can stop it! The PUC needs to hear from you, from me, from everyone!

Please write the PUC at and the Division of Consumer Advocacy at and tell them “No” to Hu Honua!

The company, Hu Honua, claims that their operation is “renewable” and “carbon neutral.” How can destroying mature trees that absorb CO2 from the environment, and then diesel-trucking 144 loads of logs for 70 miles, and then burning them 24/7 — which would spew carbon emissions nonstop into the atmosphere — possibly be called “renewable” or “carbon neutral”?

Hu Honua’s plan flagrantly disregards two Hawaii state bills and an agreement signed by all the mayors, including Mayor Harry Kim, to support the goals of the Paris climate accord to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Hu Honua claims at public meetings that the only emissions will be “water vapor.” Actually, Hu Honua filed an application to add greenhouse gas emission provisions with the state Department of Health. The application reveals that the incinerator proposes to release 288,920 tons of CO2, as well as 22 tons of methane and 11 tons of nitrous oxide, into the air annually!

Tell the PUC and the Division of Consumer Advocacy that you don’t want an increase to your electric bills, or to air pollution.

Koohan Paik



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