Thursday | June 29, 2017
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Your Views for July 27

Fix the roads

I previously wrote about how bad Hilo roads are. In particular, Kaumana Drive and downtown Hilo is ridiculous.

Our county raised vehicle weight taxes, gave themselves raises and continue to give empty promises during yet another election year. I witness county workers wasting gas riding around and visiting stores with our county vehicles to refresh themselves during working hours.

Then, there’s all this grass cutting along Hamakua and clearing forest on Panaewa highway, for God knows what reason.

Lastly, I visit Puna once in a while and continue to be amazed at how good its roads are and how well they are prioritized compared to Hilo overall. What else can I say? Please, fix our roads.

Mary Branco


Mike, the angel

Last week, my sister, my nieces and I were on our way to Kona for a wedding when my car stalled in Waiohinu. After pulling it to the side of the road, we made a few phone calls and waited for them to be returned.

As we waited, a gentleman passed us, turned around and came back to check if we needed assistance. We soon found out that he was a mechanic. He took the time to check over my car and told us what he thought could be the problem. He also followed us all the way to the Ocean View shopping area to make sure we were OK before going on his way.

He refused to take a monetary token of our appreciation, so I thought the least I could do is write this letter to let everyone know there are angels on Earth. We were blessed to meet one from Ka‘u. Thank you, Uncle Mike!

Angela Packer


‘Hate and slander’

I drive by Lincoln Park in Hilo numerous time a week and am assaulted by the signs filled with hate and slander, and this is used under the pretext of Christianity. I don’t know of any Christians or other religions that spew this kind of hatred. Why not post some signs sharing aloha!

You’re taking up breathing space. Give us a break and show some respect to your neighbors on the Big Island, or, better yet, move somewhere else and preach your hate.

Don’t you have something better to do?

Michael Malsie


Eliminate black market

With more and more states legalizing medical marijuana, can we consider how Hawaii could possibly set up a Department of Health-controlled interstate supply chain? We could have state-controlled shipping and receiving points where registered growers could bring their crops, have it weighed, graded and agriculturally inspected before being shipped off to medical marijuana markets in lots of states.

It seems like a winner from so many angles, and common sense says do something now, and do it without all the little bickering about this word or that phrase, or some silly little amendment.

Do it as a business market, an agricultural market, a needed economic pathway for many people wanting to work but unable to find decent wages or enough hours to make ends meet.

Take that already developing black market away, and let the honest folks, the taxpayers and government profit legally from a legal market.

Wayne Miller


Issue No. 1

In an election year, why have I not heard a single candidate for County Council criticize the various pay raises our government officials gave themselves and others in county government?

Our infrastructure is collapsing, but the county workers and politicians never fail to profit, no matter how tough times are.

This should be the No. 1 issue in the primary election.

Sam Moore



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