Thursday | November 23, 2017
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Your views for June 2

Random kindness

Mahalo to the kind person unknown to us who paid for our breakfast this Saturday at Black Rock Cafe in Pahoa.

It was a wonderful surprise and truly made an especially happy start to the day.

Mahalo nui loa.

Kathleen Paik


Great patient care

I would like to add my praise for the Hilo VA Outpatient Clinic.

The doctors, nurses and staff provide excellent service and are a great asset for the veterans in our community. I have been very grateful for the care that they have given me for many years.

In my personal experience, the additional services provided to me by Hilo Medical Center have been superb. In emergencies, the HMC doctors and staff have always done a superb job of caring for my needs.

Thanks to these health care providers, we are truly lucky to live in Hilo.

Bob Alder


Assaulted by images

By now, just about everyone has driven past the man in Lincoln Park with the signs in the back of his pickup truck. While I don’t agree with his views, I recognize that he has the right to make them known. I considered him annoying and amusing, but pretty much harmless.

That changed when I was driving home from work and was visually assaulted by the graphic, disturbing and obscene photographs he has on display. I understand his point is to shock and disturb, but I feel he has now crossed the line. I was shaken and upset after stopping at the stop light and being exposed to the disgusting and violent images those photographs contain. If the pictures had that affect on me, I worry about the impressionable children playing in that park being exposed to such graphic obscenities. I feel this is more than exercising a First Amendment right and now has become an assault on all who pass by.

If I wanted to look at pictures such as these, I have the right to pull them up on the Internet. As a passerby sitting in traffic, I feel I have no way to avoid seeing such filth. If this man wants to see these photos, he should look at them in the privacy of his own home and not force the general public to see them.

I hope such public obscenities will be addressed appropriately by law enforcement so that the public will not have to be further assaulted by such graphic violence.

Suzane Braley



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