Sunday | July 24, 2016
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Your views for June 4

Statue requires care

The front-page picture of “The Royal Treatment” in the May 30 edition left the Mamalahoe Chapter of the Kamehameha Schools Alumni Association aghast. Although the washing of the Kamehameha the Great statue is appreciated and well-intentioned by the Kamehameha Schools-Kapalama football team, it could have been damaged.

The statue is not painted and the cleaning and washing of the statue requires special professional care periodically.

The use of abrasive brushes or caustic chemicals can cause the gold leaf to flake off. Proper care and cleaning of the statue is expensive and the alumni association continues its fundraising efforts to raise funds to pay for this care.

The plaques at the front of the statue name the Kamehameha alumni committee members and the contractors responsible for the erection of this monument to our alii. The undersigned is named on both plaques.

We are graduates of the Kamehameha Schools and love our school and this statue very much. We also do not care to see it used and exploited for a political view because of its draws of the general public.

The intent of this statue is explained in the storyboards fronting the statue. It is to be enjoyed by all and is meant to honor and explain the significance of this area to Kamehameha the Great.

In the future, please direct your queries about the statue to the undersigned or mail your queries to:


P.O. Box 5845

Hilo, HI 96720

We ask your help in maintaining the integrity of this area and the statue.

Robert M. Yamada II,

’70 Kamehameha Schools Alumni Association, East Hawaii Region, Mamalahoe Chapter Secretary

Stop sign-waving!

With election season now well underway, politicians and their supporters are again sprouting on the sides of our highways, waving and shaking their signs at passing motorists.

Please stop that!

A driver’s responsibility is to focus on driving safely. Do you care so little about the safety of the motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians that you are asking us to take our eyes and attention from the road to look at you, wave back, honk our support?

I humbly suggest you would better “give back to the community” by volunteering at Habitat for Humanity, or picking up trash, or tending the downtown community gardens, than by puffing your chests on the roadside.

Try to get elected on your deeds, please, and not on name recognition or sloganeering.

Paul Booth



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