Wednesday | October 18, 2017
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Your Views for March 23

Drugs, drugs, drugs

There was a lot of news about drug-pushing in the paper last Thursday (Tribune-Herald, March 20). Methamphetamine criminal offenses, certainly, but there were also two other items.

The more expensive pharmaceutical alternative to simple aspirin seems to lack efficacy for Pacific Islanders, as well as having under-appreciated adverse side effects.

Furthermore, it appears according to new criteria from statin drug advocates, almost half of Americans older than 40 years old are at risk of heart attack, a problem solved by getting them on chronic statin meds.

What they really meant to say was the health care industry is looking at a potential market for chronic statins to almost half the population older than 40.

As the song goes: “There’s plenty good money to be made; by supplying the industry with the tools of its trade.” (with editorial apologies to singer-songwriter Country Joe McDonald).

William Mautz


Shifting stories

This is in response to state Sen. Russel Ruderman’s latest letter to the editor castigating the Tribune-Herald for the header, “Ruderman’s ethics.”

In the original March 11 article written by Nancy Cook Lauer about SB2274 — the so called “sustainable” research bill — Sen. Ruderman stated he accepted this proposed legislation from a “constituent.”

In the senator’s latest response to the Tribune-Herald, he found it necessary to tell the reading audience he received this legislation “on behalf of supporters and other constituents, and complete strangers.”

In a 35-minute recorded phone conversation March 5, Sen. Ruderman stated he received this legislation from the president of a local nonprofit.

So, which is it, Sen. Ruderman, and why is it so important for you to give the wrong impression about the origins of SB2274 by concealing this particular detail?

The truth of the matter is, this controversial piece of legislation, which is very poorly written and if passed might adversely impact many area neighborhoods, was authored by a nonprofit organization the senator is very chummy with and that could financially gain from its passage.

So, it might be, Sen. Ruderman, you are exonerated by the State Ethics Board because there is no statute yet that covers the type of political machinations that leads to unethical behavior, nevertheless might we point out the Tribune-Herald hit the nail right on the head: It is about your ethics, senator!

Mahalo for upgrading us from “the vocal minority” to “concerned citizens.”

This could open up the door for meaningful dialogue about sustainability and what the future holds for the Big Island.

Sativa Sultan

and RJ Hampton


Think before you text

Why do they make laws and don’t follow them, like for cellphones?

There still lots of people on the phone talking and texting. What are you waiting for? More people to get killed because people don’t obey the laws?

Wake up, whoever passed this law, and please do something.

I don’t want anyone to get killed or hurt because of not-so-smart people who don’t know how to obey the law.

People, please, if you need to use your cell to talk or text, be wise; go on the side of the road. Don’t talk and drive. Next time you think about talking or texting, think about what if you kill someone — you will have to live with it your whole life.

And what if you kill one of your loved ones?

Hello, think before you use the cell. I don’t want to see anyone get killed or hurt, so may the Lord watch over all you drivers out there.

Be safe and drive safe.

Don’t forget: This is Hawaii, the Aloha State, so drive with love and aloha.

Robert Arial



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