Thursday | August 25, 2016
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Your Views for March 27

Ruderman cares

I’m puzzled by the continued choice of letters to the editor published in the Hawaii Tribune-Herald. One of your recent writers accused state Sen. Russell Ruderman of bias. I have done business with Island Naturals as a customer and vendor for a long time. As a local employer, he has a reputation for caring for his employees, whether as part-timers or full-time employees. Go talk to any of them and see for yourself.

As a customer of our small cereal (granola) business, he has mentored us for about four years and worked with us on many levels. Regarding Mr. (Donald) Thomas’ comments about organic foods (cereals), I suggest he try more than one. Try ours, as an example — mostly organic. Hawaii Island honey, the only sweetener, is the next to the last ingredient listed. Certified non-GMO canola oil is the last ingredient. Given the epidemic of diabetes in Hawaii, we maintain a very small amount of sugar (from honey).

Gross generalizations and inflammatory personal attacks are not pono. Let’s live together in support of each other’s best health.

Based on a four recent polls, nationally between 93-95 percent of voters want GMO ingredients of food labels. What’s wrong with telling what’s in our food? Increased food cost? No! I have spent more than 20 years in the food-packaging industry, and it not true to say it will increase food costs. Period.

Kirk Puuohau-Pummill


Why not night?

Almost all of the residents on this island live with aloha. The government does not.

The state is operating two construction projects on the east side of the island in nonresidential areas during the day, making it inconvenient for drivers. Why not do these projects at night, when there is a lot less traffic?

Bob Dukat


Roundabout concerns

Now that the roundabout for the Pahoa intersection has been approved (Tribune-Herald, March 25), I hope that part of the contract specifications include two items in the center of the circle: a permanent EMT personnel group and a tow truck for removal of wrecked vehicles.

With driving skills shown in the area, and the amount of accidents in well-marked intersections, how in the world will going around a circle be easier for the drivers who cannot navigate straight and 90-degree turns ?

May the driving gods be with you, my fellow drivers.

Carmine Spada



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