Tuesday | October 17, 2017
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Your Views for March 4

Heed the warnings

Folks, if you still insist on going into the ocean during a tsunami advisory, alert or warning, and suffer the consequences of a tsunami, don’t go crying to the authorities, saying you were never given any warning at all.

Rick LaMontgne


Flight 370

The tragedy of Flight 370 is mind-boggling for two reasons: One, the loss of all the souls on board; secondly, not being able to find the wreckage.

As a licensed pilot and aircraft and engine repair mechanic, I can say finding the wreckage is paramount because by examining the wreckage, the cause would be published in Airworthiness Directives, and all similar aircraft can remedy the problems that exist, thus preventing the loss of more lives.

There are about 1,100 of these aircraft in service at this time, and each one is a potential duplication of events on Flight 370.

Let us hope the aircraft is found for the safety of future passengers of those 777s .

Carmine Spada


Hanohano vs. the people

Rep. Faye Hanohano’s recent interview with an alternative newspaper should be of concern to all of us who reside in her district.

This wahine is quoted as saying, “I think any district on this island would be happy to have me represent them.”

If only that were true, and could happen, my faith in the politics of our Puna would be restored.

Auwe, Ms. Hanohano, for treating so many residents and contributors to Hawaii in such a demeaning way — you do no favors to your people by your representation.

And where is the humility? Lokahi?

M. Blair


Raises questioned

I read the Tribune-Herald’s story about the raises Mayor Kenoi is so eager to give out. I know there are many hard-working people in the county, but is this really appropriate?

Must be a pay off for all that campaigning two years ago. Shame!

A. Yamamoto



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