Friday | December 15, 2017
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Your Views for May 10

Good luck, officers

On May 7, we were the proud parents of a graduate of Honolulu police recruit class 176. The program was well-organized and professional in every way.

Chief Louis Kealoha’s words of encouragement and support were genuine and inspiring. The hard work of the recruits’ training staff was recognized, as they instructed and molded together this new group of Honolulu police officers.

His words hitting home for all of us, Mayor Kirk Caldwell reminded us “failure is temporary, but quitting is permanent.”

These 26 new officers did not quit through their six months of training and worked hard to proudly wear the badge of a Honolulu police officer.

Well done, class 176. To those officers before you, and to those who will follow: Thank you, and godspeed.

Richard and Kathie Dinges


Balloons can kill

I’m sure you didn’t think there could be any controversy about your heart-warming story on the balloon lady (Tribune-Herald, May 5), but I urge you to do some research and write about the other side of the story.

• Latex balloons are the No. 1 cause of death from toys in young children. They are a choking hazard.

• Latex balloons don’t biodegrade, and they harm wildlife and the environment.

• Latex balloons are coated in a powder, which can cause anaphylaxis and death in sensitized individuals (like me; my story was in your pages years ago).

Health care workers and disabled children become sensitized by repeated exposures to latex gloves and other products in the medical settings.

For this reason, latex balloons are not allowed in most hospitals and alternatives to latex are available for medical uses. Eight percent of health care workers are sensitized, so this is not a rare condition.

I have had multiple reactions to the powder from balloons, so I cannot attend events or go to stores where these balloons are used in displays.

I would love to see Sharla Sare and other creative folks create safe alternatives to latex balloons for decorations and entertainment.

Alice Adee



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