Saturday | June 25, 2016
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Your Views for May 13

Support for Crabbe

In an unprecedented display of leadership, courage and love for the land and people, Dr. Kamana‘opono Crabbe brought OHA closer toward addressing fundamental questions concerning Hawaii’s complex political status.

While several trustees at the Office of Hawaiian Affairs rescinded his letter to U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on May 9, Kauai Trustee Dan Ahuna reversed his previous position and now supports the original letter submitted by Dr. Crabbe. The implications of Ahuna’s shift will continue to unfold.

What is clear is Hawaii cannot rescind our quest for justice. Through no fault of anyone alive today, we inherited the illegal overthrow of the Hawaiian kingdom and the foundation on which rests Hawaii’s present political complications.

More than 800 people have come forward in the last 24 hours to support Dr. Crabbe’s attempt at bringing additional clarity on these issues. Please visit the link,

The people stand behind you, Kamana‘opono, and true to your name, you enabled a righteous conversation and brought forth with integrity the concerns of many of Hawaii’s people.

Kamana Beamer


Put raises on the ballot

Let’s see: The Salary Commission approved wage increases for public servants, the politicians voted themselves automatic pay raises, and most of the increase in the county budget is for paying wages.

Since government workers serve the public and the public pays their wages, wouldn’t it only be fair to let the people have the final say?

Simply put it on the ballot as an initiative. Something like, “Do you approve a pay raise for public servants next year?”

No public approval, no wage increase. Simple. Heck, it might even encourage more people to vote! Think about it.

Fred Fogel


Questionable ethics?

There should be no subdivision exemption for the Solomon property (Tribune-Herald, May 11).

The structures were built on this property in violation of the law. Before the permit is given to subdivide, the structures should be torn down to bring the property into compliance with the law.

A politician is taking advantage of a public office for her and the family’s personal gain.

Reject the request.

Bob Dukat



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