Tuesday | September 27, 2016
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Your Views for May 16

False alarm

The front page article in last Friday’s Tribune-Herald (“Hilo’s future: Wetter, warmer”) is bad science at its most alarming yet.

Although the prospect of a wetter, warmer Hilo might not be a bad thing, the article itself predicts nothing but catastrophe and chaos for our islands in the future.

It is all based on the false narrative championed by the United Nations and our complicit media the world is warming (the term “global warming” has now been replaced with “climate change”) because of the greenhouse effect caused by man-made production of carbon dioxide through the burning of fossil fuels.

The high-sounding phrase for this is “anthropogenic global warming” (AGM).

But what if the world isn’t warming catastrophically?

It isn’t.

There has been no significant increase in worldwide temperatures in 17 years.

And what if sea level isn’t increasing globally?

It isn’t.

What if the polar icecaps are not receding?

They are actually at record highs.

“Scientists” seem to abandon all objectivity when it comes to climate. Real science is never “settled.”

I have observed weather here on the Big Island for more than 25 years. Temperatures in the 1990s were higher, no doubt owing to the solar maximum during that decade, but these were the figures used in computer models to make future projections.

In regular outings to the coast, I have not observed any increase in sea level. Some scientists seem to have forgotten actual observations trump the exaggerated projections of their computer models.

I’m not a “climate change denier.” Climate changes daily, even hourly. It’s called “WEATHER!”

And please don’t accuse me of not caring for our ‘aina. I recycle cans, bottles, newspapers and cardboard, and I pick up the trash thoughtless people toss from their cars on the roads in my subdivision. THAT is real pollution, NOT CO2!

Lee S. Motteler


Property values

Our mayor is basing his financial outlook (for the county budget) on an increase in property values. The last real estate report stated the average home sale on this island was 5.8 percent less than a year ago.

I hope everybody is looking at their tax bills and the valuation.

By the way, where is the review of the way property taxes are calculated on this island?

Bob Dukat



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