Wednesday | July 27, 2016
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Your Views for May 20

Fund VA care

Members of the House and Senate, including our delegation, have been quick to criticize the leadership of the U.S. Veterans Administration for the significant delays experienced by veterans seeking health care.

As they point fingers at the VA, they should note that there are several fingers pointing at them.

The House and the Senate provide the budget for VA health care facilities. VA staffers can only schedule as many appointments as there are hours in the day, and health care professionals to cover those appointments.

To Hawaii’s esteemed congressional delegation, I say: “Quit shouting, and introduce legislation to fund additional physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses and other health care professional positions at every VA hospital and outpatient clinic in the country.

That is the only way to give our veterans the care they deserve.

Norman S. Stahl

Lt. colonel of Marines (retired), Hilo

Save the ‘Lanes’

I was saddened to hear of the closing of the Hilo bowling alley and the remarks by the high school teams who need the alley.

I am assuming the teams have been somewhat subsidized by the bowling alley for these past 54 years. What if they devise some sort of fundraiser, or find a benefactor, to help out and get the alley rolling again? Just a thought.

Wilda Collins


Observational science

Lee Motteler (Tribune-Herald, Your Views) claims that global warming and the resultant sea level rise are false, because he doesn’t notice a rise in sea level at the beach.

Does this mean that because it’s light outside at 4 p.m., night will not fall?

Dan Lindsay


Makes you tougher

To discriminate the downtrodden derisively is wrong, but the “upside” of discrimination is that it serves as an incentive and catalyst to spur improvement and progress for those who are ostracized!

T. Ono



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