Friday | December 15, 2017
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Your Views for May 3

Good for Kaumana

Three cheers for Emily Taaroa and her recent letter, “Support the school” (Tribune-Herald, Your Views).

The presence of a good school will enhance any community. And what an opportunity it is for the Kaumana folks to have a school such as Connections become part of their neighborhood. Connections, a grass-roots start-up charter, represents the best of what charter schools might become.

Included in the plans for the new school is the construction of dormitories that would accommodate student exchange programs, promoting education in culture, the arts, science, agriculture — you name it.

So, yes, as Emily Taaroa so rightly points out, “… we are talking about a SCHOOL, not a prison.” We’re talking about a potential community centerpiece.

Llewellyn Lloyd


Cheer them on

I agree with the letter about teens needing activities (Tribune-Herald, Your Views). They actually want support of family and friends, win or lose.

My nephews look to the stands to see if the family made it. They ask us about the game just to test our attendance. It’s cute. I’ve gone to all games my nephew played while growing up and never regretted any of them. Their friends noticed us, too, and we encouraged them, too. So, it’s not only family that’s appreciated; friends, too. So, hey, go out there and cheer these teens on, win or lose.

Harriet Chung


‘Witch hunt’

It is a sad time in Hilo for those who know the Christies and love them (“Christie receives 5 years,” Tribune Herald, April 29). They devoutly believe in the religious use of cannabis for which the THC Ministry was there to serve the people. They also believe cannabis should be legal.

This case was a witch hunt on the part of the federal government to quash (suppress forcibly and completely) the cannabis movement and those who were leading the movement in the state. History will vindicate the Christies and all those who speak truthfully from their hearts.

Andrea Tischler


Silence is golden

In human life, it’s not so much a matter of what we think, say or do, but it’s all a matter of being “apprehended” of our mindset that causes all the humbugs!

T. Ono



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