Friday | September 22, 2017
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Your Views for May 7

‘Heart’ ache

The heart of our Island of Hawaii is at the highest point on the Saddle Road at Pohakuloa Training Area and, next to it, the Mauna Kea State Park.

Presently, this whole area is a desolate dusty wasteland, obviously caused by the military buildup, tearing up the land with their tanks firing live ammunition.

Now, Sen. Colleen Hanabusa introduced a bill for millions of dollars to increase and enlarge the military use there, and to increase the runway to handle C-17 aircraft, Black Hawk helicopters, fighter jets and drones.

This increased military and runway would be a prime target for an enemy. Runways are the first to be blown up, and our island would be the victim.

Have you ever had a C-17 fly over your house? You feel like you have to dive for cover.

Many years ago, when we first came to live here on this island, the Mauna Kea State Park was a garden, with lots of green grass and trees. Residents would go up there for a peaceful relief from hot summer days and enjoy the fresh water from the natural springs.

There was a grove of plum trees and people would come and pick all they wanted.

It was beautiful.

Now, it is all gone and ugly.

The abuse by the military caused this horrible wasteland, and so it should be downsized to how it was before: low-key, used only by local National Guard units practicing survival of our special ecosystem and culture, instead of increased training grounds for destruction by fighting forces from anywhere, using our precious legacy, the heart of our island.

Jan Moon


Wake up, taxpayers!

My name is Ernest J. Alfonso Jr., and I live in Honokaa, and I am 73 years young.

Last night, Channel 2 news showed a gentlemen being cited for using common sense and avoiding a pothole in the street. All lanes were clear, so it was a safe decision.

I think the county and state are responsible for this! As taxpayers, we are taxed for vehicle weight, auto registration and safety checks on our vehicles to take care of these road problems. It seems our governor is proud of the surplus and needs to budget funds to fix our roads for the safety of our citizens and visitors to our islands.

If a person goes through a pothole and damages his steering system and tires, can he sue the state and county for damages?

We, the people of Hawaii, need to wake up and realize our hard-earned money is not serving us as best it can.

People of Hawaii: Wake up and smell the coffee!

Ernest J Alfonso Jr.



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