Thursday | November 23, 2017
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Your Views for November 1

Hapu‘u too big?

On Monday, I went to the Volcano dump with a truck load of hapu‘u fronds. The guy looked at the load and said, “Stuff you put in the yard waste bin must be less than 4 feet in length.”

Turns out his real worry (at 1:30 p.m.) was that the yard waste bin was almost full. He let me put the load in the bin if I placed it where there was some room.

No problem with the dump Gestapo. He was a great guy, talked story and offered to clean up my mess in the loading area (which I always do).

The issue is hapu‘u fronds — cut into 4-foot lengths — really? That’s extra work for me at both ends of the trip to the dump, and makes absolutely no sense. The county probably has a good reason for the 4-foot maximum (although I couldn’t find anything online), but my concern is basically twofold.

First, the dump monitor should have the discretion to waive the 4-foot rule without the hassle. Second, the monitor should be able to call someone when a bin is approaching full and have them provide an empty one.

The county is paying the dump monitor to do a job. Give him or her a little support.

Fred Fogel


Abortion is violence

On Friday, Oct. 27, there was a sidewalk rally against domestic violence on Kilauea Avenue in which dozens of adults and children participated.

Domestic violence is a serious crime that affects the entire family, extended families and even friends because of the psychological, emotional and physical trauma upon the victims.

This public display against domestic violence was necessary because it brings to the forefront a crime that should be addressed throughout the community and within families.

I participated in this demonstration by bringing into public focus the domestic violence known as abortion.

Abortion is domestic violence of the worst kind because the abused is the most powerless and helpless victim and does not have a voice in which to ask for mercy and justice before losing his or her tiny, precious life.

Please keep in mind when addressing domestic violence that abortion, too, is domestic violence.

James G. Borden



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