Thursday | November 23, 2017
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Your Views for November 2

HPP park concerns

As a resident and homeowner in Hawaiian Paradise Park, I must take issue with the proposed park in our development.

I question who would benefit by building a park at the proposed location. It seems to me the $300,000 could be better used to mitigate high levels of dust generation on our unpaved roads by beginning to pave them systematically, or addressing the albizia infestation that threatens our power lines and homes.

I question how this proposal has even come about — I certainly haven’t received any information about it.

There seems to be a lack of transparency in the HPP boards’ deliberations.

Michael Grigsby

Hawaiian Paradise Park

Foundation for peace

Regarding Gov. David Ige and Mayor Harry Kim’s proposal for a Mauna Kea “peace park”: You cannot bomb and desecrate your way to peace.

Speak out in support of stopping the bombing of Pohakuloa and demand the military clean up its mess of unexploded ordnance and toxic stew of contamination, including depleted uranium radiation.

Respect Mauna a Wakea — the Hawaiian sacred temple — by not building the proposed $1.4 billion Thirty Meter Telescope, the 14th telescope atop Mauna a Wakea. Then we can begin dialogue about a peace park, possibly at the present Mauna Kea County Park or the 9,000-foot visitors’ area.

A peace park must be built on a foundation of justice and respect for the sacred.

Jim Albertini


Demeaning cartoon

I like political cartoons as much as the next guy. Politicians should be held accountable and are fair game for lampooning.

However, the cartoon in the commentary section in the Oct. 20 Tribune-Herald depicting trick-or-treaters as little Donald Trumps, with the comment, “How cute! They’re dressed up like little morons,” was tasteless and demeaning to the president of our country.

Whether you like President Trump or not, he was elected president. Can you imagine if last year at Halloween some newspaper had a cartoon with kids dressed up like little monkeys, with the caption reading, “How cute, the president.”

By the way, I noticed the cartoon came from the Illinois Times — former President Barack Obama’s home state.

Sam Wallis



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