Saturday | April 25, 2015
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Your Views for November 26

‘Get a grip’

This is an open letter to our County Council. The recent laws prohibiting GMO, smoking over age 18 and banning plastic bags have one thing in common.

You are nibbling at peoples’ freedoms.

How about doing a little more county business for a change? After all, isn’t that what you were elected to do?

Perhaps it’s time to put more libertarian-minded people in office in 2014. Come on, people. Get a grip, too!

Time to go

Leaving a $175,000 annual salary behind, Coral Andrews, executive director of Hawaii Health Connector, is resigning as of Dec. 5. She said that it was time to go.

I would agree.

At her job since December 2011, the executive director has overseen a program that has the fifth-lowest enrolment figures in the nation, and since Oct. 15 has enrolled only around 257 individuals.

In addition, Hawaii was the last state to post a health plan on the exchange. Comparatively speaking, a $175,000 salary would pay Mayor Kenoi’s wages and employ one additional teacher in our schools. Our governor’s salary and the cost of putting a new police officer on the streets is in the neighborhood of $175,000.

Not only here, but across our nation, big money has been spent to advance the Affordable Care Act, with very little to show in return. ACA is a well-intended program that has gone amok. It is a very sad ordeal for all of us to see.

Ms. Andrews stated that the Hawaii Health Connector has been her “baby.” In this case, the infant has come to full term, but unfortunately, this baby is on life support and is barley breathing.

I truly hope that her baby will survive.

GMO bill

Farming, ranching and small businesses are the backbone for any economy, and for this County Council to attempt to destroy that element because of unproven allegations/heresay evidence (about GMO crops) that will not prevail in a court of law is BEYOND BOGUS.

You should be working on ways/methods to promote farming, ranching and small businesses so that employment will be available for the graduating seniors and they would want to make living in Hawaii part of their career — not escape to a progressive climate where GMO co-exists with organic.

Kudos to the many testifiers and letter writers who support GMO; it can co-exist with organic as has been proven for at least 17 years.


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