Thursday | November 23, 2017
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Your Views for November 28

Fix the streets

Why doesn’t our mayor put GMO, plastic bags, smoking under 21, and other current issues aside? Please finish what you started and repair Kilauea and Kinoole streets. They are getting worse by the day.

Work on Saddle Road continues, and that’s fine, but what about what was started in our town of Hilo?

And please drive on either road at the stop lights at Puainako intersection when school is beginning or pau hana. Please put the left-hand signal so traffic will flow safer.

Look in the mirror

Referencing the op-ed piece in Monday’s Tribune-Herald by Frank Bruni, I submit this memo to parents.

The familial situation of over-protective parents rebelling against toughened learning instruction at a middle school near Boston is illustrative of so-called “modern” parents everywhere.

They are pushing back against more rigorous learning standards, especially those found in the new Common Core curriculum. The result: Parents were discovering that their children weren’t as brilliant as they had fantasized them to be.

In practice, Common Core instruction emphasizes analytical and critical thinking, which better expands brain capacities as opposed to the often hum-drum routines of rote memorization. Parents complained that raising educational standards led to stress in their children who no doubt came from households where offspring are weaned from breast to TV in one smooth segue.

Achieving a properly educated child involves hard work and dedication to the task at hand, and it must emanate from both parents and their learning children.

The good news is that success from this formula of giving schooling a high priority can be achieved in families at nearly any level of intellectual capacity. This goal of high achievement can be verified by renting the film, “Stand and Deliver,” a true story about what one teacher accomplished with underprivileged students who learned calculus and achieved later success in college.

We all were keiki

I has come to my attention that many business … do not treat people with children fairly. Children are not expected to act like adults and do things the same.

I have nine children, and it appalls me when I go somewhere and get treated unfairly because of their behavior. We try our very best to insure that our children are fair with others, and it’s not feasible if adults go up to them and yell at them without speaking to their parents first.

Please remind society that we all were children once. They are our futures. If you treat people with respect, in turn you will receive it. If not, you have to wonder why they treat others the same.


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