Thursday | August 25, 2016
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Your Views for November 29

Invest in teachers

We would like to congratulate the students and teachers of Hawaii who have achieved national recognition through their performance on the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP). Those that truly deserve credit for this accomplishment are the teachers and students who have worked hard together to improve the practice of teaching and producing improved student learning.

Standardized tests like the NAEP provide a snapshot in time and can only indicate a trend over time. We hope that this trend continues and Hawaii remains one of the leading states in producing such significant gains.

In the spirit of the upcoming holidays, let’s celebrate teachers who have led Hawaii’s keiki to become more proficient in reading, writing and math.

In order for us to continue to make progress, it is important that all of us accept and embrace our responsibility in providing the best education for our keiki. That means we need to provide teachers and students with the necessary tools and resources to be successful. It also means that we must continue to invest in our future through supporting public education and those who teach by providing professional salaries to attract the best and the brightest into our classrooms.

Educating our keiki is everyone’s kuleana, and we must work together to ensure the best teaching and learning environments for Hawaii’s students.

Do your job

Regarding “Theft at Naniloa?”, Tribune-Herald, Nov. 26: If I were to go into a store and steal something, I would be arrested and could face jail time for my theft. So why is David Farmer (who does not live on this island) feel that when theft is done on a grand scale (two truckloads) that the perpetrator should get off?

Ken Fujiyama has a long record of taking over businesses and leading them right into bankruptcy, leaving them trashed and requiring that whoever comes along after them is saddled with outrageous bills and debt to overcome to make the properties financially viable.

David Farmer is a lawyer and was appointed by the court. He should ensure that the property he oversees remains secure and protected. To do any less is a shirking of his duties. He should demand that the allegations of theft from the Naniloa be vigorously investigated and that if true, that the perpetrators be prosecuted.

Ken Fujiyama and Ken Direction Corp. has cost the taxpayers of this island thousands and thousands of dollars as we citizens and businesses must absorb the losses of his many bankruptcies. I would hope that finally people will get the message and stop doing business with him, as they look as his dismal track record.

As to David Farmer: Friend, start doing your job.


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