Wednesday | November 22, 2017
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Your Views for November 30

Disregard for charter

Regarding the story about the lack of money being set aside for open space: 65 percent of voters in 2012 voted for a 2 percent Land Fund and a maintenance fund to care for these lands. The following properties were purchased with Land Fund money and qualify for maintenance funds: Waipio Lookout, Kawa Bay (Ka‘u), Kaiholena and Pao‘o (N. Kohala) and the Kingman property in Kona. Pohoiki in Puna is under negotiation. Are you or your ohana involved with any of these properties? If so, you may qualify for the almost $500,000 put into the maintenance fund each year.

The charter amendment calls for the county to have an application and advertise that money was available. I asked staff at the Department of Finance, the mayor’s office and the Department of Parks and Recreation about the grants. I was told that the county is using all of the funds for this year and there is no money available, so it was unnecessary to advertise or to have an application.

The Hawaii County Charter is the governing document for our county, like the Constitution is the highest governing document of the United States. Who do you talk to when the county’s elected/appointed officials don’t obey the Hawaii County Charter?

Boycott Black Friday

Enough of this Black Friday nonsense. Don’t fall for it, people. Stay home and enjoy the family. Or just take a walk and be thankful you’re not stuck in a line at the mall. Or, if you really must shop, visit a “mom-and-pop” business instead.

Let the boycott start today!

Help the team

I am extremely surprised that no one from the community has written to express their outrage that our own Panaewa Alii Pop Warner Football team may, in fact, miss out on a well-deserved trip to the mainland. These young men, their coaches, their parents and friends have worked extremely hard this entire season and finished with an undefeated record of 10-0! They are state champions and are representing us in the national tournament in Florida! How wonderful is that?

It is disgusting that someone felt it was OK to help themselves to the funds that belong to the Pop Warner Association. It was brought to the attention of the authorities in May 2012, and only recently has been turned over to the prosecutors.

Meanwhile, the hopes and dreams of several individuals are hanging in the balance. There is very little time for us, as a community, to come together and show them how very proud we are of them and how much they mean to us. I am asking that each of you please consider giving what you can to make their dreams come true. There are bank accounts set up at HFS Federal Credit Union and Bank of Hawaii branches.


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