Thursday | November 23, 2017
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Your Views for November 4

Protect keiki

In all the national discussions generated by the “right to life” supporters, there is one discussion missing in this misguided equation: adequate funding to support those agencies responsible for protecting unwanted children’s rights, safety and quality of life.

Those of you who presume giving birth is a national issue, not the private issue it actually is, must then take moral responsibility for the fallout.

Will you track the quality of life of all the newborns who end up in ignorant, brutal, uncaring homes? Will you see to it that adequate funding for sufficient social workers, offices, networking, educational programs and an air-tight safety net are in place for every child you saved?

Because even in our more recent liberalism toward abortion, funding for Child Protective Services is a pitiful spit into the bucket. If you find the “tiny feet” logo of anti-abortion groups compelling, find out how compelling the pictures of toddlers, 7-year-olds and teenagers are who have been abused. Take a look into their eyes full of stunned despair and suffering, not to mention their injuries. Talk to a CPS counselor who has so many cases, he/she can only get to the very worst of them.

You’ve heard of Peter Kema Jr. He fell through the cracks of an overworked network of agencies created to monitor child suffering. There are many “Peter Boys” in this country who fall through the cracks.

Remember: The road to hell is paved with good intentions. If you want to practice your religious virtues in a democracy, practice them on those young ones you “saved” and who are living a life of hell.

Sigrid Yoakum



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