Wednesday | November 22, 2017
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Your Views for September 23

Cower or fight?

Concerning Joan Hildal’s suggestion that I move to Wyoming because of its liberal gun control laws (Tribune-Herald, Your Views, Sept. 19): I’ll do it, but only if she moves to Cuba, where none of the people are allowed to carry firearms.

If you don’t want to own a gun, don’t own one; rely on the authorities to save you. But when the authorities aren’t around, good chance you’ll need a weapon of some type. Good luck with the club.

During the 1992 Los Angeles riots, a Korean store owner called 911 because of looters approaching his store. The 911 operator told him he was on his own and no help was coming. During regional disasters, authorities will not be answering 911 calls and citizens will need to look after themselves because there will be those who will take advantage of these times when no law enforcement is available.

You can cite all the statistics you want, but the only statistic that matters is what you do during a confrontation with evil.

Which woman do you want to be — the one cowering in fear from her attacker, hands covering her face, police 20 minutes away, or the woman with outstretched arms, properly trained, with a pistol in her hand, pointed at her attacker?

I respect your right not to own a gun, please respect mine to own one, or two, or three.

Roger Schweitzer


‘Love it or leave it’

Whenever there are major disasters outside the United States, such as earthquakes, flooding from storms and hurricanes, and so on, the first responder to these disasters is America, offering its aid.

But when America suffers the same incidents, such as the hurricanes in Houston and Florida, the major forest fires in the Western states, even New York’s 9/11 tragedy, we never seem to hear other countries responding or offering to help in any way.

Isn’t it any wonder why America, despite it’s social and economical challenges, is the most powerful country on Earth?

And is it any wonder why more foreigners want to become American citizens than to become citizens elsewhere?

America — love it or leave it.

Rick LaMontagne



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