Thursday | December 14, 2017
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Your Views for September 24

Not patriotic

How to tell if you think for yourself or you are a trained seal.

President Donald Trump just gave a speech and mentioned John McCain’s name, saying he refused to vote for the kind of health care bill Jesus would weep about.

The crowd automatically booed when Trump said “McCain.”

The crowd boos a guy who fought for his country, then was tortured for his country.

The crowd applauded a guy (Trump) who refused to fight for his country, and because his father was very wealthy, got the family doc to excuse Trump from serving his country five times because of bone spurs on his heel, which has not kept him from walking, golfing, etc.

So, a decorated vet was booed, while a cowardly rich man was applauded.

It makes you wonder what kind of person these people are. They are not patriotic Americans, that’s for sure.

This is how the Middle East must feel when terrorists pretend to be devout Muslims.

Dennis Chaquette


Our right to protest

Protesting the wrongs of this great country by kneeling during the national anthem is not disrespecting our beautiful flag. It’s honoring one’s given right of freedom to do so.

I’ve been doing that in one form or another since the fifth grade, by remaining seated and silent to protest the war in Vietnam. The rest of the class saluted the flag by standing and reciting the preamble.

Nobody said a thing about it, which was a surprise and a great lesson that dissent and free speech is saluting the spirit of the flag as much as going to war for your country. That was a time when most teachers had a paddleboard — and I don’t mean surfboard — parked above the blackboard.

Ask your parents or grandparents. We all knew that war was terribly wrong and history shows it was a colossal mistake and damaged our country greatly.

I have no reason to burn the flag but would die fighting for anyone’s right to do so. It’s especially important to understand our rights today, with fascism on the rise and from the top down.

M. Martin


Thanks, council

Mahalo nui loa to our County Council members who listened to their constituents (who overwhelmingly testified in favor of Bill 13) and voted to ban polystyrene in Hawaii County.

This bill has finally passed its second reading and only two of our County Council members, Aaron Chung and Sue Lee Loy, decided to vote in favor of private interests, rather than in support of public health and the well-being of the environment.

Now let’s just hope Mayor Harry Kim signs this bill. Mayor Kim, please listen to the people!

We are ready for this bill. My only complaint is how long it takes before it goes into effect, but something toward our zero-waste goals is better than nothing. Mahalo, council!

Shannon Matson



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