Tuesday | October 17, 2017
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Your Views for September 29

Sick leave? Really?

Hawaii County Human Resources Director Sharon Toriano suddenly resigns Wednesday after a critical audit.

How does her resignation get revised to PAID SICK LEAVE?

This means three months’ pay at $8,000 per month equals $24,000!

I call that a windfall! The citizens of this county should be outraged.

Mary Rillanos


Good forum

I thoroughly appreciated attending the third annual East Hawaii Disability Legislative Forum.

There were helpful vendors and agencies offering lots of information for all of us who are disabled.

Dr. Andrew Tseu, Curt Sharp, our County Council and state Sen. Kai Kahele discussed housing, transportation, employment, education and health.

A variety of questions were asked and answered, and we all learned a lot. Topped with treats to eat. Mahalo.

Lynise Tarring


Politician vs. statesman

Regarding Hawaii County Councilman Aaron Chung’s letter, “Inconsistent decision,” in the Sept. 6 issue of the Tribune-Herald about the use of county gyms to house halau: Mr. Chung is my councilman, and I learned about him when last year I asked to be put on the council’s agenda because I have major complaints against the Hawaii Police Department that someone, for the love of God, should pay attention to.

I was told I should provide him with some documents, and I sent him tens of pages. For several months, nothing was done and I gave up and decided to have my documents back and I couldn’t. Until one day I called his office from the county’s reception room.

My overall impression of Mr. Chung is that he is a politician concerned about being re-elected and doing and saying everything he can to achieve his objective. My impression of our great Mayor Harry Kim, on the other hand, is that he is a statesman trying to do the best for our county and beyond, even if it means changing his views over time.

Abraham Sadegh



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