DLNR invites nominations for National Register of Big Trees

Lovers of the forests and their specimens are invited to submit nominations to recognize Hawaii’s largest and finest trees. The Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) is accepting nominations until Dec. 31 for the 2014 National Register of Big Trees.

Across the United States this year, the largest trees of their species joined the ranks of the more than 780 national champion trees listed in American Forests’ National Register of Big Trees.

More than 40 new champions were crowned across 50 states and the District of Columbia, including six new champions in Hawaii.

“Hawaii’s Big Tree Competition is proud to announce that our champion, a mamane in Puu Waawaa Forest Reserve, has been included in the American Forests 2014 Calendar,” said DLNR Forestry Program Manager Sheri S. Mann.

To learn more about Hawaii’s Big Tree Competition or how to nominate a potential champion tree, contact DLNR’s new Hawaii Big Tree coordinator, Nicholas Joly, at (808) 586-0915. Be ready to also provide the tree’s height, circumference and crown spread measurements.

The 10 nationally crowned champions in Hawaii include: a koa in South Kona; a niu (coconut palm) in Hawea Heiau Complex and Keawawa Wetland on Oahu; a kolea lau nui in Puu Waawaa Forest Reserve; a wiliwili in Puu Lani Ranch; hau (sea hibiscus) in Kailua-Kona; a‘ali‘i (hopbush) at Maui Nui Botanical Gardens; olopua (Hawaiian olive) in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park; papalakepau in Puu Waawaa Forest Reserve; manele (soapberry wingleaf) in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park; and a mamane in Puu Waawaa Forest Reserve.

Beyond national champions, Hawaii’s Big Tree Competition also recognizes the biggest trees in Hawaii using the same equation as the national program.

Sheri Shannon, coordinator of the American Forests National Big Tree Program said: “Anyone can be a big tree hunter. It’s because of avid tree lovers that we are able to find some of the nation’s biggest trees.”


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